Problem Statement

Remember reading an interesting note, website, joke, article or message, and getting that feeling to store it as fast as you can, but then, you have to copy it, open an app which can store it, and then pasting it…Sounds tedious huh? NO MORE, now with the help of SocioRAC all you need to do is select and at one tap, SocioRAC will take over and perform the rest. The ease at which SocioRAC performs these tedious operations is just amazing.
Data has to be manageable in multiple ways to be really and fully useful. SocioRAC offers you this too. Any useful information which is saved, can be referred to, analyzed, formatted, printed later, or shared between various applications and devices, just with few taps. The user can use the information to set-up important reminders and calendar entries.
Are you worried about the safety and security of your data, SocioRAC to your rescue? The app is passcode secured (optional). Option to lock a folder can be additionally applied to increase a level of security. The data is saved on the mobile platform as well as on an online storage cloud, which is also encrypted for privacy.Important documents such as word, pdf, image and excel can also be saved with the data.
You want to share some information on multiple social media platforms. Currently, that is a time consuming and frustrating task without any single and simple solutions. SocioRAC gives you this solution too. Multiple pieces of data saved can be shared across multiple social media platforms with a few taps saving you precious time and effort
All in all, SocioRAC gives you an end to end seamless experience to save data from various social media, organize how it’s stored, analyze it and then share multiple pieces of data again on multiple social media in a simple and efficient manner.

What is SocioRAC?


SocioRAC is a proprietary patent pending multi platform (Android, iOS & Web) data management and data sharing application created for the ease and convenience of the smartphone user. Today, each and everyone of us uses at least a basic smartphone. Gone are those days when people used to tell that “kindly text me the info”. Today, the only sentence overheard most commonly is “Whatsapp me”. This is how the coming of smartphones has completely revolutionised our world. SocioRAC too comes with the aim of a similar revolution. Whatsapp was the one who changed the texts to whatsapp and SocioRAC will be the one to change the information retention from mere notes to a more simplified version of sharing and transforming these tiny bits of sentences to a useful piece of information.It enables users to save data directly from within an external app (SMS, email, browser, whatsapp, facebook etc) into SocioRAC, as Reminder, Archive, or Calendar entries, manage the data into folders, sort the data by, tags, info, etc. and analyze it too. SocioRAC is not created by only a single aim of revolutionising the way we store information but it also ensures the safety and the privacy of the consumer as the first preference. In order to fulfil the promise of safety, SocioRAC comes with an passcode feature which not only locks the application but it also provides us with the facility of locking individual folders.

SocioRAC is not just an idea which came overnight and then developed into an Application but is a tool which is a need today more than a person’s greed. SocioRAC is not here merely to store information but is here to leave behind a legacy of information retention management system received through various social media.
Did you READ anything important, do you want to RETAIN it, do you want to SHARE it, don’t forget to SocioRAC it ….

Unique features

End of Data Management and Data Sharing problems with SocioRAC Features

Pop up Manager

Any content selected and copied/ shared on any social media platform, triggers SocioRAC’s background service automatically. A POP-UP window opens and the User can save the content efficiently in an organized manner through this app and avoid interruption of copying and paste data manually.

Reminder, Archive or Calendar

Content can be segregated majorly into three categories, namely, Reminder, Archive and Calendar. For reminder and calendar content, user is notified at selected time using emails and SMS notifications.

Pass-code Protection

For restricted access to SocioRAC app, it can be optionally protected with 6-digit passcode, so that content within the app remains secure even if the phone is unlocked.

Data Encryption

For addressing security concerns, content stored through the app is encrypted. Encrypted data cannot be accessed without decrypting in the app.

Multi Share

SocioRAC provides unique feature of sharing saved content to multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on single button click making it a more efficient and seamless experience.

Save Data on Email Received from specified email ID

SocioRAC provides the feature to save content to respective user account when an email is sent from the user’s registered email ID.

Pop-Up On/Off

For ease of use and keeping in mind user’s privacy, user can easily turn on or off the Pop-Up feature of SocioRAC whenever required.

Data Formatting

Styling options such as Bold, Italics and Underline can be used for formatting the content. Moreover, SocioRAC also provides other editing features such as Undo/Redo and Merge/Append. Also, spell check is integrated to avoid spelling mistakes within the content.

Search, Sort & Filter

Data can be retrieved in a quick and efficient manner using the search/ sort capability and various filter options.


Multiple tags can be associated with the content. These tags can be used to filter content. Makes it easy to find all related content across different sources and different folders.


Content can be arranged into different folders for easier access.

Data Back-up option

All data in this app is automatically backed up to prevent any loss of information.

Individual folder lock (with PIN)

Individual folders can be protected with a 4 digit PIN code to ensure secrecy of data and to address the privacy concerns.


Attachments such photos, doc files, excel files, ppt files and pdf files can be saved with the notes too for future reference, use, export, print and share.

Auto Links

The app automatically recognizes links such as phone numbers, email IDs, websites and GPS coordinates. The links get highlighted and clicking on them takes to directly to the window to complete your task faster with lesser clicks.


Operations such as Move/Copy to folder, delete, merge content, add tags and share can be applied to multiple tags at a time.

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