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 Download SocioRAC & Get rid of Saving, Sharing, and Managing Content problems

Knowledge management on your mobile like never before.

SocioRAC is a proprietary patent pending multi-platform, Android, IOS and web, data management and data sharing application created for the ease and the convenience of the smartphone user.

In order to assemble work time more productive SocioRAC is designed to salvage time and energy. SocioRAC is a treasure of curative data one is interested in. This app provides access control for personal and business content on one platform in a secure environment which can be obtained and used anywhere. A user-friendly app to save, manage and share data from multiple sources across electronic devices.SocioRAC is not just an idea which came up overnight and then developed into an application but is a tool which is a need today more than a person’s greed. SocioRAC is not here medley to store information but is here to leave behind a Legacy of information retention management system received through various social media.

Did you READ anything important? Do you want to RETAIN it? Do you want to SHARE it? Don’t forget to SocioRAC it.

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