What is SocioRAC Enterprise?

An idea was born two years ago to introduce a product to ease the stress of businesses by providing an easy solution for the needs of saving, searching, managing, sharing and controlling access of their content at one place. In October 2017, SocioRAC Enterprises Beta was launched with advanced features, specially developed for Enterprises, Businesses, Educational Institutes, Health Care, etc… SocioRAC Enterprise for Android & iOS is live now with unique features to take your business to new heights. The SocioRAC Enterprise mobile app is designed to help you save any content that you read anywhere using your Smart Device with just one click (tap) and then Search, Manage, Share and Control Access of this content. SocioRAC Enterprise brings ease and a solution for the problems you face in running your business.

How do I ….

  • Save, Manage, Search, Share and Control Access of all kinds of content (text and files) at one place
  • Save personal and business content on one platform in a secure environment which can be used and accessed anytime, anywhere with access controls
  • Create Private, Public, and Business areas with secured rights-based access and sharing of content
  • Ensure content security once the user leaves
  • Transfer one user’s content to another once a user leaves
  • Get access to content without active internet or if I don’t have my device
  • Achieve Secured, Effective and Instant Communication for solo and Collaborative work
  • Schedule Meetings and Reminders on other team member’s devices to improve efficiency
  • Ensure End to End Encryption and Data Security
  • Integrate Content and Messaging in one place for computers and other Electronic devices
  • Create groups, share content and communicate with team easily and instantly
  • Instantly Back up to Cloud, synced in real time, to prevent any kind of data loss

Key Enterprise Version Features Access


Real Time Notification

Admin can send notification to either selective users or all users

End to End Data Encryption

SocioRAC offers end to end encryption for all content saved or shared giving security

Host Data on the Users Server

Enterprise can host data on their own server. Also, Admin has the rights to decide which user can see the other users in any group

Role Based Multi Level Admin Panel

Organisation has the rights to create multiple user levels with different rights and permission

Content – Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

All content is available anytime, anywhere and on any device both online and offline

White Board Option for Collaborative Working

User can work solo or work collaboratively with other users in his organization on SocioRAC


Use text and tags with images (and other files)

A user can save text and tags with images and other files, making it easier to find them in searches and filter options

View All Content in One Tab

Users can see all content in one tab without having to switch screen or tabs

Use Tags and filter Content

Content can be saved and segregated using multiple parameters, including multiple Tags. SocioRAC provides advanced options to filter the content on up to six parameters (tags) simultaneously making it very easy to find the required content

Schedule Reminder / Calendar events in Other User's App

Users can schedule Reminder and Calendar entries in other user’s phone to easily
facilitate project reminders and deadlines, schedule events, etc

Edit Content Multiple Time

All Content saved can be edited multiple times


Save a note by Emailing us

Send a mail to mail@sociorac.com to save it as a note. You can set up conditional forward in your mail clients to save certain mails.

Text and All File Formats Can Be Saved

Text and all files formats can be saved. SocioRAC saves both at one place

Unique Pop-up or Swipe down – no need to leave the screen to save content

SocioRAC Enterprise lets users save any content on a pop-up (android) and swipe down (iOS). No need of using Screenshots or Copy-paste anymore. The user can save content without leaving the screen or what they are reading. Thus their chain of thought is not interrupted

One click Save – any app, any screen

User can save any content on any app on any screen with just one tap making it very easy to save and manage content

Back Up content

All content in this app is automatically and instantly backed up to the cloud to prevent any loss of information


Edit and version control

Content can be edited multiple times and you can keep track of the versions

Search all text/ file formats in one go

Data can be retrieved in a quick and efficient manner using the advanced search feature. Search works on text and all file formats at one go

Cross Links

Each file can be linked to multiple tags to help us find what we are looking for very fast


Broadcast Option for Admin

Admin can send a message to selective or all users in his organization.

Content and Messaging Integration

SocioRAC allows you to manage content in a structured and easy manner and also message on the same platform removing the need for multiple products and a waste of time.

Share content across all social media and apps

Share content The user all social media and apps. SocioRAC lets you share directly on any existing social media (Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc) or create your own community of SocioRAC and share content with complete access control.

Personal / Enterprise and Public Space

Get your Personal, Enterprise and Public content at one place saved in separate areas. The user can have separate space for multiple businesses too

Create Own Community

SocioRAC allows you to create instant intranet (own community) to share content (including files) and work collaboratively.

Thoughts of SocioRAC Enterperise Users

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