Problem Statement

  • Tired of taking screen-shots of important content and managing them?
  • Want to save content in just 2 seconds without getting stuck?
  • Tired of Copy/Paste and self-emailing?
  • Want to have all of your content managed at one place in?
  • Worried about data loss and data back up?
  • Do you want to share multiple contents at multiple places in a simple way?
  • Are you looking for a flexible and adaptive solution to manage and share content for your business?

SocioRAC is The Solution

SocioRAC is a proprietary patent pending multi-platform (Android, iOS & Web) content management and content sharing application.It enables users to save content directly from within an external app (SMS, email, browser, WhatsApp, facebook etc) into SocioRAC, as Reminder, Archive, or Calendar entries.SocioRAC allows you to save website content, create a note, save content from any browser or social media sites, Add a Reminder and a Calendar entry. With SocioRAC, Multiple pieces of saved content can be shared across multiple social media platforms with a few taps saving your precious time and effort.

SocioRAC saves your time and effort by doing away with the need of doing a copy-paste (to notes/ memo or to email yourself). SocioRAC helps you save content with just 1 tap in 5 seconds and find what you want even though thousands of notes in 5 seconds. It removes the stress of taking a backup of your content saved in various places. SocioRAC creates a backup of all content to its cloud storage servers as soon as you create/ edit it.

SocioRAC is the revolutionized READ IT LATER application and a content management system with multiple features for the ease and convenience of Smartphone users. SocioRAC is the best reminder app as it notifies users via E-mail and text message.

Are you worried about the safety and security of your data? SocioRAC to your rescue!!! The app is password safe (optional). It also allows you to keep a specific folder password protected.

SocioRAC also allows collaborative working with the help of the awesome features of it.

SocioRAC is not here merely to store information but is here to leave behind a legacy of information retention management system received through various social media.

Did you READ anything important, do you want to RETAIN it, do you want to SHARE it; don’t forget to SocioRAC it ….

Unique Features

End of content Management and content Sharing problems with SocioRAC Features

Pop-up Manager

Any content selected and copied/ shared on any social media platform triggers SocioRAC’s background service automatically. A POP-UP window opens and the User can save the content efficiently.

Collaborate Working

SocioRAC Groups give you a White Board to do Collaborative working opportunities in real time while you are on-the-go without tying you to your laptop and office table.


Attachments such photos, doc files, excel files, ppt files, and pdf files can be saved with the notes too for future reference, use, export, print, and share.

Share Content

SocioRAC provides a unique feature of sharing saved content to multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn on single button click making it a more efficient and seamless experience.

Password Protection

SocioRAC worries about your privacy as it is having a feature to secure your app with a 6-digit passcode and a specific folder with a 4-digit PIN.

SocioRAC Share

You can Share any important content with one or more of your contacts. Content shared this way is saved on their SocioRAC and is not lost in the multiple emails or chat messages.

More Features

Reminder, Archive, Calendar

Content can be separated majorly into three categories, namely, Reminder, Archive, and Calendar. For reminder and calendar content, the user is notified at the selected time using emails and SMS notifications.

End to End Data Encryption

For addressing security concerns, content stored through the app is encrypted. Encrypted data cannot be accessed without decrypting in the app.

Search, Sort & Filter

Data can be retrieved in a quick and efficient manner using the search/ sort capability and various filter options.

Backup Option

All content in this app is automatically backed up to prevent any loss of information..

Auto Links

The app automatically recognizes links such as phone numbers, email IDs, websites and GPS coordinates. The links get highlighted and clicking on them takes to directly to the window to complete your task faster with lesser clicks.


Content can be arranged into different folders for easier access.

Pop-Up On/Off

For ease of use and keeping in mind the user’s privacy, the user can easily turn on or off the Pop-Up feature of SocioRAC whenever required.


Multiple tags can be associated with the content. These tags can be used to filter content. Makes it easy to find all related content across different sources and different folders.


Operations such as Move/Copy to folder, delete, merge content, add tags and share can be applied to multiple tags at a time.

Content Formatting

Styling options such as Bold, Italics, and Underline can be used for formatting the content. Moreover, SocioRAC also provides other editing features such as Undo/Redo and Merge/Append. Also, spell check is integrated to avoid spelling mistakes within the content.

Instruction Sheets

Click here to get the instruction sheets